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Can Always Find Botters in MapleStory
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Welcome to Maplestory Mesos , my dear friends, how's the day going? And have you played MapleStory today? Alright, get back on track, we will discuss the botters in game, which is always a cancer to most of ordinary players, you know, botters are extremely distinct with us.

Funny how folks sell places they bot at because they think them stains aren't "hot Spots" That's how simple it's to understand where to look at the non hot spots, and if you wanna catch a botter wait for an elite boss message and then hyper stone to that location...

Also you can see in which the elite boss is if look at the Mini Map if you view it will reveal where the Elite Boss is in case you miss the message, hunting elite bosses are the best way to capture botters.

They presume because here they "bot" is not a "Hot Spot" however they are incorrect, being in the right town at the right time will expose the maps botters could be in.

It's not hard to camp a town it's a Whole Lot more fun then sitting Henesys looking "cool"

20 Channels best thing to do isn't worry about channel 1 although the channel is random they spawn they have to visit a different channel if they've bots on the same maps.

I've caught up to 3 bots in 1 map.

Since they utilize "Proxies" with the program they use to bot with it makes finding their main accounts not as simple to catch unless the idiot logs on this account with the exact same IP they use to the main account.

These kids that bot ought to be exceedingly lucky I do not work for Nexon I would hit these botters hard.

Also they have a addon because of their high level bots say 220+ what it's when a GM logins in the World the app has the botter stay offline and cheapest Maplestory 2 Mesos  keeps checking to see when the GM logins outside and when he does the program logs the botter back online.

I am not certain if somebody who is working at Nexon who is leaking information to developers who create the program that these botters and spinners are using or if somebody got a temp job to learn advice how things works for the sport and then left...

Because I can not figure out how they could discover a GM logging into the world unless their is something inside the wz files which has that information some how that explains a GM other a regular player.

Worse thing that may happen is Nexon hiring a corrupt GM who escapes Intel of whats happening in the match...