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NBA 2K19: The Way to Change MyCareer Difficulty
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If you would like to choose your passing game to another level in NBA 2K19 MT , hold down Triangle/ Y to direct an off-ball participant to the basket and release it when you are ready to pass. To complete a flashy pass, then just double tap Circle/ B whilst holding the left stick in the direction of the receiver. Release the button to get a return pass.

Another commonly used tactic to create movement is your dribble handoff. This is where an off-ball offensive player operates supporting the ball-handler and can be handed the ball. To execute this movement, hold down Circle/ B and then await the off-ball player to conduct behind the ball-handler. Release the button to carry out the hand-off.

While standing or driving to the basket, you can perform a bogus pass or jump pass.

At the conclusion of a match when trying to reserve time in NBA 2K19, it could be better to roll the inbound pass instead of pass it. To do so, rather than pressing X/A to inbound the ball, press Triangle/ Y.

Hit the court and practice these motions to make better ball movement and more open shots.

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