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Autor Tópico: I have wanted to get back into rs3  (Lida 122 vezes)

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I have wanted to get back into rs3
« em: 23-03-2020, 01:41:35 »
I will get downvoted for this since it's Reddit and RuneScape gold downvoted anything which isn't in the prevailing mood. Death's Office has been a update that has effectively eliminated risk and danger from RuneScape game. Monsters were dangerous and you made sure that you were well prepared (and didn't risk your priciest kit if you did not want to lose it) before performing any high level NPC killing, or carrying on quest battles.

Now, because RS cash is easy to acquire, death is nothing more than a minor annoyance that has resulted in RuneScape game becoming simple to perform. There is a reason and it's primarily because there's hardly any effect of perishing, and very little danger. Little risk makes RuneScape game quite boring to play since there is not any risk that gives you an adrenaline rush. Then it will have precisely the same effect it had on 17, Should they comprise it into OSRS and RuneScape game will be ruined.

I've been a huge osrs RuneScape participant since its launch and rs3 tried when eoc came out but eventually left and quit for school. I have wanted to get back into rs3 cause I adore questing (pursuit cape on two accs and working on a no guide pursuit cape) and I really like the rs3 quests, so I miss dungeoneering and summoning. My question is, do I start a fresh account to acquire a mini tutorial or if I play with my OG account that has 85-90 cb stats and a 99s. And guidance/places to find guides or any advice will be useful.

I performed RS3 for a while and on this account I rushed through all the quests and hurried skills too. Now some quests and I'm playing with without the rush, and it's been a LOT. I wish cheap OSRS gold I had taken my time. I still really enjoy my accounts, but if I could redo the experience of enjoying the quests, I would.Make a fresh accounts, say that you have not played before when it asks, then play with all of the tutorial stuff up until it lets you go to Lumbridge, then hop back to your initial account. Shouldn't take more than an hourif that. The tutorial can help a bit with some of the stuff that is new like the mining and smithing changes and battle.