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iPhone Problemas / iPhone 7 - botão original
« Última mensagem por devzituh em 09-09-2019, 13:46:50 »
Boas pessoal!

Comprei um iPhone 7 com o botão a não funcionar.. ao abrir estraguei o ecrã original. Mandei vir um ecrã do eBay e agora tenho o seguinte problema:

O ecrã tá óptimo, o botão voltou a funcionar apenas como impressão digital, não funciona como botão para retornar ao menu principal! Alguém me consegue indicar o que posso fazer?
O normal seria funcionar o botão mas não a impressão digital.. no meu caso é ao contrario
Apresentações / I have one petition for 2K
« Última mensagem por MMOexpshop em 04-09-2019, 09:56:04 »
The team in charge of producing this game is filled with creative men and women who think largely from the box. That is why the series has reached its present heights. It is over a basketball game. Who would have thought the Neighborhood with nba 2k20 mt, then the MyCareer concept would have turned into a significant aspect of 2K consumer's experience along with such successes?

If that were PARK or some sort of alternate game style such as CAGES, then the idea may be more acceptable.Because halfcourt shots are not a normal occurrence from the NBA, this badge doesn't have any place in a simulation style. I have one petition for 2K that I think when it comes to new features, balance and gameplay, covers every component of the simulation styles: when in doubt the sport of basketball. If you do so, I don't believe you can really fail.

The more you play NBA 2K19, the more you understand one of the biggest issues from the gameplay is the rate threshold that is imbalanced. Players that are lightning fast aren't able to conquer slower and larger players with regularity that is sensible off the dribble. Basketball, especially in the current game, is about taking advantage of mismatches after switches on defense.The manner 2K now plays, the only advantage you can exploit is one correlated with size and strength. That generates an imbalance and so the meta for the game is spacing, size, and shooting. Unless your player already has three to four steps on a guardian speed is almost no variable.

Those instances only happen in transition, however a rate advantage can and ought to be large in halfcourt scenarios too.This issue could be correctable with a small tweak to the participant rating philosophy. I say this because I have been working on an Ultimate Legends roster for the last few months. Part of the job has me players in every class with how to buy mt on nba 2k20. I have been less generous with pace quickness and acceleration ratings compared to 2K. Blazing fast players like the variations of Russell Westbrook Allen Iverson, along with many others are suitably fast, but there is a major gap between them and some of the larger players of this game. This disparity has made speed a weapon that was much bigger, and it doesn't render every participant without a mortal shot or a high strength score almost useless.
Apresentações / EA development group will be distributing codes
« Última mensagem por MMOexpshop em 04-09-2019, 09:39:36 »
Imagine Rodgers is in the corner and throws a ball right who is not being user-controlled, but because the unique ability of the former is triggered, the latter has to fall the pass. We will understand why he dropped it, but from a visual perspective with Mut 20 coins, that could create a cheap on-field occurrence.There are a few similar examples which still concern me, but overall, I'm starting to believe this notion can be enjoyable and reasonably sensible with the right tweaks.

Madden NFL 20 releases August 2, and fans who pre-order can acquire access. EA Play began on Saturday, along with the very first impressions are positive. You are able to hear one of them from Sports Gamers Online in the video Throughout the reveal, EA announced there will be a beta. It'll arrive on Friday, June 14. It'll run at midnight, through Sunday, June 16. In exhibition play, the teams available to select will be the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints.

Not everyone will have the ability to gain access. You will need a code. Fans who attend EA Play through Sunday can try to receive a code in the Madden booth. If you are not in attendance or were not able to make it into the event, there is still hope.From June 10-14, then EA will be issuing codes to pick players on its social media stations: @EAMaddenNFL on Twitter and EAMaddenNFL on Twitch. The EA development group will be distributing codes on Twitter throughout the community.

I have talked about the new features coming to Madden 20 and expounded on how I am feeling a little underwhelmed with the pre-release information to buy Madden nfl 20 coins. However, I do acknowledge that if the gameplay has been vastly improved, the lack of fresh wow features won't matter. Here are five key gameplay elements that will make or break Madden 20.
Apresentações / Profiting much more for just giving the service
« Última mensagem por MMOexpshop em 04-09-2019, 09:26:07 »
It doesn't really matter, it is stinks they are at the situation however, it does not give you a right to trample over others or to violate rules. Jagex has the right to make it and anyone would take action if it meant success (no one would starve over promoting runescape gold) however you are responsible for your actions. If you violate the rules and your account becomes terminated that a part of the game you're playing to buy OSRS gold. So I really don't think an exception should be made.Interesting that he was not willing to share exactly what the cut ratio is between him and the employee. I would definitely still consider this manipulation if the owners are carrying over 50%. Indeed it's supposedly giving them an chance to earn good money but the fact that he wasn't willing to split the% cut likely means that the owners are profiting much more for just giving the service.

I cringed when he started talking about how he began the service to provide an opportunity for people in need, like his primary motivation wasn't self-gain in the start.There's a great deal of douchebaggery I visit at Runescape from gamers dwelling in 1st worlds scaremongering around Venezuelans and thinking little of this, but I know the sort of situation they are in and dont fuss over it.And if Jagex bans a number of em it is pretty much their game so naturally they could do that.I just don't care to cease their means of making a living. That's far different from people in 1st worlds who bot and scam or account share for absolute pleasure.I don't live in Venezuela, but I really do live in a 3rd world nation. I just need to add that the financial situation in Venezuela is much worse than where I live (Nicaragua).

The 1 thing to keep in mind and I dislike bots or gold farmers myself but, its keeping people off the streets. Only a fast example, since the political situation here in Nicaragua got worse, the crime rate has skyrocketed to where you can not walk on the roads without needing to look over your shoulder each 30 minutes. I guess I could say is, I am rather blessed for the job I have, but its one of those things where people do not really understand what another is going through as they aren't in other shoes.

Jagex has falsely banned every account I have made on OSRS for botting/macro use and because I can not appeal the bans & don't wish to keep making new accounts and over because of this, they've lost my company a paying member and a longtime player since 2005 with RuneScape Mobile gold... all I have now are those YouTube videos till they decide to eventually get their shit together and actually ban the bots instead of real players such as me.Here is why purchasing gold is indeed amazing work full time have a spouse have kids doesn't leave a great deal of additional time to spend 100 hours at raids if a little $50 can get what you're attempting to get I am not saying go all out and max out credit cards to receive the best in slot cuz that would entirely take away the entire point of this game but a bump in the ideal direction is never a bad thing.
iPhone Notícias / Re: The Definitive Approach to Runescape Gold
« Última mensagem por tocnaza em 22-08-2019, 09:56:09 »
my blogs:
iPhonePortugal / Iphone X ios 12.3.1
« Última mensagem por NunoBarbas em 08-08-2019, 21:14:50 »
Boas pessoal sabem
Se ja é possivel fazer jailbreak no ios 12.3.1?
iPhone Problemas / Re: Reparar iPhone
« Última mensagem por jorgeflarj em 02-08-2019, 12:14:46 »
Olá, boa dia,

Atualmente tenho 3 produtos da Apple, um Iphone 7 comprado no final de 2016, um Iphone 6 comprado no final de 2015 e um Ipad Air 2 comprado no meio de 2015 !

Ha menos de 1 ano o Iphone 6 começou a apresentar defeito no GPS e no wi-fi, além da bateria começar a durar muito menos e desligar ainda com 20% de carga.

Ha 1 mês atras mais ou menos o Ipad começou a apresentar um problema em que mesmo estando com carga de 100% ele desligava e só após a 4 tentativa de ligar ele funcionava até de fato a carga da bateria terminar e ao recarregar 100% acontecia o mesmo, de ter que liga-lo umas 4 vezes para funcionar. Agora ele praticamente não liga mais, fica exibindo a imagem da bateria sem carga ou para conectar o carregador na tomada. E quando chega a 100% ele não liga, ou quando consigo liga-lo ele desliga automaticamente.

E o pior aconteceu com meu Iphone 7, no dia 12/07/19 estava utilizando normalmente até esgotar a carga da bateria como de habito e coloquei para carregar, ao chegar a 100% de carga eu tirei da tomada para utiliza-lo, foi quando apresentou a mensagem de "armazenamento quanse cheio", achei estranho pois lembro de ter visto no dia anterior que ainda haviam quase 3Gb livres, achei estranho mais começei a excluir alguns aplicativos pesados, e a cada aplicativo que excluia menos espaço tinha (quando deveria ser o contrario), até ficar com 3Kb de espaço, achei que estava com algum bug e achei melhor reiniciar. Ao reiniciar o Iphone 7, ficou no looping da maçã, tela preta e tela da maça, até que pesquisei na internet como para esse loop e consegui, mas acabou que ficou na tela de conectar ao itunes. Ao conectar ao Itunes surgiram 2 opções atualizar ou restaurar, ao escolher a de atualizar (pois a de restaurar iria perder todos os dados do Ipnone), começou o processo de baixar a versão mais recente do IOS e ao começar a nstalar, quando na tela do Iphone estava em aproximadamente 1/4 da instalação apresenta o erro 14 no itunes, fiz esse procedimentos diversas vezes, com 2 cabos USB originais diferentes, em 2 computadores diferente, com o itunes atualizado e seguindo todas as recomendações da Apple e nada, sempre ocorria o mesmo erro 14.
Liguei para o suporte da Apple que me orientou a fazer tudo o que já havia feito antes e diversas vezes, até que me recomendaram produrar alguma assistência autorizada, coisa que fiz no mesmo dia. Na autorizada deixei o Iphone 7 e no dia seguinte me ligaram informando que não aconseguiram atualizar e só poderiam tentar a restauração completa de fábrica, coisa que não deixei eles faerem, pois descobri que por algum erro do itunes o ultimo backup no icloud foi feito em março de 2018 (e o pior, o ultimo backup que havia feito no computar havia sido em abril só que infelizmente o HDD do computador parou de funcionar).

E cá estou eu, desde o dia 14/07/19 procurando alguma maneira de restaurar esses dados do Iphone !
Já varios videos na internet de pessoas (com conhecimento técnico é claro) abrindo o Iphone e removendo a solda do chip de dados, limpando e fazendo uma nova solda na placa e com isso conseguindo recuperar os dados do Iphone.

Se alguém souber como recuperar esses dados u agradeço, pois a única solução que a Apple me dá é de deixar os meus aparelhos com ela e me vender novos aparelhos com pequeno desconto. A famosa politica do descartável !

Desculpe pelo longo texto.

Cumprimentos a todos
Conversa de Café / Re: Fui enganado numa compra e agora?
« Última mensagem por Oneil_21 em 01-07-2019, 21:20:32 »
A minha esposa fez uma compra pela net e contrariando a minha ideia de não pagar nada pela net foi enganada pois nada recebeu. O artista ainda respondeu a sms deu desculpas e atendeu telefonemas a dizer que a filha lhe apagou tudo e que ia devolver o dinheiro mas depois nem telefonemas atendeu. Acho que até já o meu número bloqueou. Fui às autoridades mas disseram que o valor não justifica o que se irá de processos em tribunal. Alguém consegue chegar aos dados do bicho através do nib?
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